50 samples used for the DNA analysis of Soldiers killed by the British Army in the 1857 revolt. DNA matches with people from India

– Uncovering One Life in One Story

People have been killed during the riots that happened due to the partition disputes. The historians believe that all the soldiers who were killed ruthlessly by the British Army belong to India. Debates have been going on regarding the issue since then, but due to the lack of science and study the researchers had a prolonged success in unshackling the truth. 

Few weeks back, the researchers from CCMB stated that they used 50 samples for DNA analysis and 85 specimens for isotope analysis. After performing the multiple research methods the study stated that the skeletons found in the well were not of the people living in Punjab or Pakistan, rather the DNA’s were matched with the people from UP, Bihar, and Westbengal. 

“The results from our research are consistent with historical evidence that the 26th Native Bengal Infantry Battalion consisted of people from the eastern part of Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, and UP,” said Dr Sehrawat, anthropologist from Punjab University.

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