A poet impacting gender gap through her literature | Find the Contemporary Style of Deeksha Tripathi

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They say “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words”, but what if the literature is tied up with strong lines of heart on the gender gap and the societal norms. Deeksha Tripathi who is making a unique mark for herself by giving out a contemporary style of writing poems. She is an author based in Agra, India. Deeksha is also a lecturer of Psychology by profession but her heart lies in literature. She has authored five poetry collections, a few of which are aired for you here!

  • “People love black hair, black eyes, black lashes
    Then why not black skin?
    If black is beautiful so am I,
    So is my skin!
    I hate TV commercials making people believe,
    Only Fair is Lovely!”
    ― Deeksha Tripathi, I am in Love With Myself
  • “I am the wild, free-spirited lady
    Who is often scorned!
    I don’t care about suntan,
    I don’t bother whether my hair is well combed,
    Or there’s a wrinkle on my dress!”
    ― Deeksha Tripathi, 50 SHADES OF LIFE & ME

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