Aadhar 2.0, a blockchain system that is integrated with your mobile phone & does your KYC in minutes

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Don’t wait until your friends tell you about Aadhar 2.0, rather you’d be knowing this before all of em’. 

We understand the level of annoyance in filling out the long, long, and long KYC form. But not anymore with Aadhar 2.0, a Next-Gen digital ID platform.

Authorizing KYC might be a daunting task to open a bank account or Demat account but with Aadhar 2.0, a blockchain system is integrated with your mobile phone wherein you show all your documents on a video mode in the application itself, and the KYC will be issued within minutes. As the system is being developed via Blockchain there won’t be a risk of data hacking.

14 Researchers from 3 apex institutions of India – Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology(IDRBT), IIIT Hyderabad, and IIT Bhilai – are working on developing this identity platform which is endorsed by RBI Innovation Hub and has also received Rs.23 crore funding from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

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