Apoorva Mehta encountered failure in 20 different startups in just a span of 2 years before building InstaCart

If life was your opponent in a boxing ring and knocked you down 20 times with unbelievably strong blows, do you think you’ll be able to get up the 21st time? Apoorva Mehta did. Before building his $24 Billion company, ‘Instacart’, Apoorva encountered failure in 20 different startups in just a span of 2 years.

It was back in 2010 when Apoorva Mehta worked as a supply chain engineer at Amazon in the United States. As a person who lives and breathes newer challenges, he felt that his current job was less challenging and wanted to do something more. Shortly after this, he quit his job and migrated from Seattle to San Francisco with nothing but a Strong Will to do something exceptional. 

Apoorva started working on business ideas for the next couple of years, that he believed were worth exploring, but failed. One such idea was Groupon which took food orders from people. Another was LegalReach, which was a social networking site for lawyers.

He worked on 20 different startups in the span of 2 years and you can already see how hungry this man is. But unfortunately, Apoorva witnessed failure in all the 20 startups but that did not affect him. He learned valuable lessons from these 20 startups and decided to follow a different strategy this time. 

He went with something that he believed to be challenging yet something he really cared about. One day, Apoorva went to his fridge just to notice that it was empty. He then walked to the nearest grocery store and thought to himself, ‘If there is a way to stream movies online if people can connect and communicate online, and if people can order accessories online, why isn’t there a way to order groceries online?’

He thought about this for a while and quickly fell in love with this new challenge of online grocery delivery. And.. Boom! The initial tracks for Instacart were laid. Right from his ideation to his success, the path was not easy. But it was nothing compared to a man’s burning will to accomplish something exceptional in life.

Instacart was then joined by an amazingly talented team, including the co-founder’s Max Mullen and Brandon Leonardo, at YCombinator and raised $2.3 Million in seed funding in 2012. And That’s how Instacart was started in 2012 and is now the 6th biggest startup in the world with a $39 billion evaluation. For full coverage go visit the link in bio now! We’ll see again?

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