Earning self-actualization in life – How to stay happy in life – attain complete happiness

– Uncovering One Life in One Story

Does complete happiness exist? Let us look back at the historic studies.

To acquire complete happiness in life one has to reach a self-actualization stage. But before reaching a self-actualization stage, you need to battle and cross 4 major steps.

This is what we call The “Maslow Hierarchy of Needs”. Let us now acknowledge the level we are in!

Level 1 – Physiological needs, requiring basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. In this hierarchical level, People only fight for their basic needs and earn enough to fulfill their stomachs every day.

Level 2 – Safety Needs, people in this level are urged to establish needs such as properties, assessment, secure jobs, investments, etc.

Level 3 – Love and Belongings, working on your relationships, choosing your life partner, and starting a family.

Level 4 – Esteem needs, wanting to do something big that the world recognizes, and Expecting respect from people around.

Passing over with all these levels, a person reaches the self-actualization stage, which is known as a complete happiness stage, and completes himself emotionally, professionally, and creatively in life.

Do you think crossing all these levels gives you complete happiness? Even if your answer is no, we wholeheartedly wish that you cross all the levels of happiness.

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