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Girl Power Talk : A Work Culture that Empowers and Gives BackEvolve with us and be a part of this revolution.
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We don’t see enough women leaders in the tech industry or among top executives in any company. The lack of women leaders and representation is a problem around the world, not just among company executives but at conferences, magazines, and panels—all having an unequal gender ratio. However, people’s perspectives are shifting, albeit slowly, with some organizations and individuals taking a lead in changing the narrative.

Girl Power Talk—one bright spot in the normal imbalance—is an organization working to reverse these inequalities. The company was established in 2019 by Rachita Sharma and Sameer Somal, who shared the goal of empowering young individuals, especially women, and creating a world with equal opportunities in the workplace. The company has headquarters in Chandigarh, India, and a growing team in 16-plus countries, with diversity and inclusivity at its core.

According to Rachita, one of the purposes behind this revolutionary outlook is to open up the creativity inside talented, youthful minds and boost the ability of young people to think, create, and inspire. Girl Power Talk seeks to bring out the best in young leaders by giving them a voice and the opportunity to shine.

Girl Power Talk envisions an India, and eventually a world, where women leaders enjoy equal status, respect, and appreciation for who they are and what they do. There needs to be a shift in the mindset of the country as a whole, and Girl Power Talk is consciously working toward that.

Rachita Sharma addressing the audience during the Girl Power Talk conference.

The Genesis of Change

From Mathura (India) to Manila (Philippines), CEO Rachita Sharma has made a prolific journey of serving as an inspiration for young women. Rachita is a financial literacy advocate, a technology business visionary, and a gender rights activist. Most importantly, though, she is a positive young woman dedicated to her dream of creating a community of empowerment fueled by an ever-growing collection of voices and ideas.

Rachita with Girl Power Talk’s SEA team in Manila during their first international meetup.

During her college years, Rachita was passionately involved in campaigns working toward the upliftment of several minority groups who lacked basic human rights. This experience left a deep impression on her. Rachita would go to sleep with a sense of regret and powerlessness—making her even more resolute in wanting to help women from weaker sections of society build a better life.

A Sustainable Business Model

To create a work environment that strives for togetherness, integrity, compassion, and equality, one needs to be positive, patient, and resilient.

If we look at the bigger picture, there are very few people who wake up and say “I love my job.” In today’s world, the majority of the working population find themselves in a monotonous loop, feeling claustrophobic in their cubicles and wondering what their purpose is. This is where Girl Power Talk’s work culture stands out from its competitors.

Girl Power Talk is challenging the age-old organizational structure plagued with forced overtime, dissatisfaction, little to no autonomy, and zero respect for the ideas and voices of young people. The company instead focuses on kindness, gratitude, and humility, which it believes hold more value than how many years of experience one has. This culture is what attracts young people. At Girl Power Talk the typical toxic manager-employee game does not exist.

The structure of Girl Power Talk, on the other hand, is more like a flat entrepreneurial culture that promotes, awakens, and celebrates creativity. The young minds working here find the environment warm, stimulating, and refreshing. Leaders at Girl Power Talk work across all sorts of verticals: in digital marketing, UI/UX design, web development, content creation, online reputation management, SEO, social media management, public relations, marketing, and branding. This allows team members to develop confidence as well as interpersonal and technical skills.

Girl Power Talk’s Young Leaders posing for a picture during a recent meet-up.

Not surprisingly, with this model and vision, the company has been thriving. As an organization driven by youth, Girl Power Talk has achieved success in many areas they envisioned—yet this is just the beginning.

“We have more milestones to reach and more lives to touch. And we do not plan to stop,” says Rachita.

Honoring Uniqueness and Recognizing Change

Diversity and Inclusion are core pillars at Girl Power Talk, and this means a lot to each member of the team. And in the team, diversity isn’t just in gender; they have members from different cultures, religions, and regions from across India—and beyond. In only two years, the organization has expanded to represent four continents and multiple communities. Yet with all the differences and diversity, the team still stands as one, since Girl Power Talk’s inclusive culture makes everyone feel accepted, cared for, and part of a larger family and network of closely-knit friends.

These global friendships allow team members to learn from one another and gain greater respect and appreciation for their differences.

What holds the organization together is the shared vision and values of equity and empowerment. The leaders believe skills can be learned, but personality is what is inherent. While screening prospective team members, they interview more to learn about applicants’ mindset and personality—and whether they would be an asset to the culture—than their technical skills. This allows interviewers to look beyond regular conventions of age and education and instead hire diverse, dynamic, and unique talent, people who can work collaboratively and happily with others—giving the team a competitive edge in business endeavors as well.

Finding a Balance

Another unique feature of the organization is the philanthropic vision the model has nurtured since its inception. Rachita and Sameer have worked to build a social enterprise and collaborated on multiple initiatives with various NGOs, showing their determination to redefine the concept of corporate life.

Rarely do we find platforms that offer a blend of profit and purpose. Girl Power Talk is a case study in providing ambitious youth with the opportunity of being able to choose both. “We believe there is no Y in the road. If one is willing and dedicated, one can choose both, to develop technical skills and give back to society,” says Sameer.

The profits from the company’s client engagements flow into social impact projects that are dear to the team’s hearts—such as a school for underprivileged children of day workers in their offices in Chandigarh, India, or the team’s recent adoption of Tollen Children Center in Kenya, aimed at helping the center provide basic necessities for 125-plus children in their care. All of Girl Power Talk’s projects have an underlying purpose that enriches the work experience and adds meaning to the team members’ lives.

Young Leaders visiting Tollen Center in Kenya during a recent Africa meet-up.

Girl Power Talk has also recently launched a nonprofit branch, Girl Power USA, to give more people the opportunity to become involved and contribute to their mission.“This is something we had wanted to do since our inception, and we are extremely proud of achieving this milestone. We believe we will be successful because we’ve been benevolent from the start,” says Sameer.

With the help of a dedicated team of young leaders, the team has reached more than 20,000 young people through various programs. And their client base is ever-growing; it now includes internationally known companies. Girl Power Talk is consistent in providing the best services to clients and is continuously striving to improve the team and learn more.

Research shows that a majority of the younger generation would rather be unemployed than unhappy at work. Therefore, we need to create a workplace where people like their jobs and want to come to work. Girl Power Talk is doing just that and achieving better results in terms of productivity and efficiency.

“We have a long way to go to achieve our dream work culture, but we are on the right track,” says Sameer. “Just as we strive for perfection knowing one can never achieve it, we are proactively working to build the utopian culture that the world needs—especially young women in emerging markets.”

Girl Power Talk aims to continue expanding to more countries and regions to empower youth, women, and less-represented communities. Their vision remains to continue changing lives, one person at a time.

Rachita said; “We invite everyone to be a part of our revolution as a team member, part of our community, or through our nonprofit branch, Girl Power USA. Connect with us to find out more and be a part of the change—however, you can. Remember, change begins with you.”Join the Community

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