How a Class 11 Drop Out and Rs. 50 Daily wager Built Rs. 1224 Crore Business

A class 11 dropout who worked door-to-door for a daily wage of Rs. 50 by selling a water purifier has built a Rs 1224 crore worth of business with a workforce of 8500 employees. This is the story of Arun Samuel, 55.
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Arun is the Chairman and MD of the Wings Group Of Companies, a business that offers end-to-end marketing, and promotional solutions for leading brands in the country.

Arun’s journey from a humble door-to-door salesman to a business tycoon was not easy and hurdle free. He was from a middle-class family who believed that nothing was more important than a degree and an excellent job. After Arun’s 10th, he joined Christ University for his PUC (Pre-University Course) equivalent to 11 and 12th grade. His friends at PUC came from rich business families and were very mischievous, and the entire group was expelled from the college without being allowed to sit for the exams. However, his friends were allowed to appear for the exam because of their influential dads but he couldn’t. 

Arun’s parents were very unhappy and he then realized the kind of mess he put himself into. He then went ahead to pursue a merchant navy course while also working as a door-to-door salesman. 

arun samuel success story
Arun Samuel at a conference

He experienced mixed situations as a salesman. Some of the customers were nice to him and some humiliated him. He knew he had more potential and could do better than what he was doing. He later started his own company named AERO Promotions with one of his colleagues which did pretty well. 

In 1993 Arun had a dream in which he says, “I saw that I was standing on the top of a cliff and heard a voice, ‘Jump- you will not fall, but fly’. I saw a large eagle flying flawlessly. The following morning, I made the decision to launch my own business, naming it WINGS and choosing an eagle as the company’s logo.”

Wings now have 344 clients across India and work for 67% of the IT companies in India. With a turnover of Rs. 1224 crore, Arun says, “You name the top three consumer durable brands, top three automobile companies or any other vertical, we are there with our services.” It must take a lot of determination and courage to get to where Mr. Arun is today, and we wish nothing but more success to Mr. Arun and his firm.

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