India to get its fifteenth president: How votes are tallied? – Draupadi Murmu is to be elected!

The next President of the nation will most certainly be Droupadi Murmu, the candidate of the BJP-led NDA in power. On the other side, Yashwant Sinha, the joint opposition’s candidate, has a slim chance of winning.
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The results of the presidential elections, in which MPs and MLAs cast ballots on July 18, will determine India’s fifteenth president. The candidate of the BJP-led NDA in power, former Jharkhand governor Droupadi Murmu, is the overwhelming favorite to be elected to the position of the nation’s highest constitutional office.

Here is how the presidential election vote count is done in the interim:

(1) The returning officers will first classify and scrutinize the cast votes.

(2) MPs use green pens to indicate their preferences on ballot papers during voting, while MLAs use pink pens.

(3.) There will be two trays, one for each candidate, Murmu, and Sinha, during the counting process.

(4.) Parliamentarians’ ballots will be sorted once the members of the legislative assembly’s ballots have been sorted.

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