Kiara Kaur, a 6-year-old Indian-American girl becomes the youngest to address the World Expo
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Her speech was titled “Small Changes, Big Differences”

Kiara Kaur, a six-year-old Indian-American, has been honored in the World book of Records for becoming the youngest keynote speaker at the World Expo Dubai. This isn’t the first time she set the world in an Aw-stuck moment, but she was also the youngest TEDx speaker last year.

The class 1 student gave a speech on Small Changes, Big Differences. In an interview with NDTV, Kiara told, “It was exciting to speak to an audience at this great event. I prepared my speech by speaking to my grandmother, Commander Dr. Rita Bhatra who had served the Border Security Force for 40 years”.

“Women empowerment lies in equal opportunity for young girls in education, rights, health, decision making, wages, and professional opportunities,” she added.

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