MIT’s First International Blind Student – Success story of Srikanth Bolla, a 25-year-old blind entrepreneur from Hyderabad.

– Uncovering “One Life in One Story”

He was born in a low-income family where his parents were only earning Rs 20,000 a year. People advised his parents to get rid of him, but they denied and Srikanth survived.

In spite of scoring a 90 percentile in class 10th, Srikanth was not allowed to choose the Science stream for 12th as he was physically challenged and poor. But he did not accept that and did not compromise on his passion. He then Issued a complaint to the State Govt, fought for 6 months, and won the case. Srikanth then pursued Science and scored 98% in 12th grade.

The best turning point in his life would definitely be this, After scoring 98% in 12th grade and being ready to give his best for joining IITs and NITs, his application was denied by these institutions and they didn’t give him a hall ticket for writing competitive exams.

As life gave him critical challenges from the beginning, Srikanth never lost hope rather challenged everyone back by applying to the World’s top overseas universities and got selected in all of the 4 best colleges include: MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon. 

Out of which he chose to be a student at MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology received a scholarship and was MIT’s first International blind student.

He returned to India in 2012 and launched BollantIndustries, where 60% of his employees are poor, and physically challenged The company now has a turnover of 50 crores. Believing in his capability and the Inventiveness of his business, Mr. Ratan Tata invested in his venture and Srikanth’s biopic is being filmed soon.

“I was made blind by the perception of people.., but to me, I’m a passionate individual with a thoughtful mind, providing jobs to capable and challenged individuals.“

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