People started to convince me from doing what I was doing – Aditya Narayan Mohanty

– Uncovering One Life in One Story

I started blogging in my 8th standard. Apparently, I thought starting something on my own at such a young age would make my family proud and people enthusiastic. But it did not happen as expected. I was told to stop everything and focus on schooling. 

People around me signified that an average student like you cannot prosper in the digital field. After all the things told, nothing really mattered to me and affected me to stop doing everything. 

Five years later, here I am, building my own startup called “IN SEARCH OF SMILE” & was honored with “Odisha’s Youngest Entrepreneur”, collaborating with artists, bloggers, & brands like LivPure. With a team of 10, I’m now running my digital startup successfully with a handful of projects and also helping others to upskill their career by telling their stories to the world.

Upon completing his 12th boards Aditya opted for an international baccalaureate, a Switzerland based educational board in which he scored enough & secured admissions from world top universities.

“When people say that It is Impossible show them by transforming it into I’m Possible” – Aditya Narayan Mohanty

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