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Torq Electric

TORQ ELECTRIC – A startup that transforms your existing fuel-powered vehicle into completely electric.

FeatureIndia.inC – Startup News Manufacturing to provide best-in-class electric vehicles with first-in-class features. – Maximizing motor efficiency without compromising the …
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best waterfalls to visit

Top 5 India’s Best Waterfalls to Visit During the Monsoon Season for Stunning Experience Almost all of the rivers in the nation are flowing magnificently as the monsoon season is in full swing …
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how votes are counted for next president of India

India to get its fifteenth president: How votes are tallied? – Draupadi Murmu is to be elected!

The next President of the nation will most certainly be Droupadi Murmu, the candidate of the BJP-led NDA in power …
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gautam adani entry in telecom sector

Will Adani be leading the Telecom Sector? – Adani’s entry in 5G heating up the giants.

FeatureIndia.inC – Business Bytes Billionaire Gautam Adani’s group on Saturday acknowledged its entry into the telecommunications spectrum that it says …
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Arun Samuel Success Story

How a Class 11 Drop Out and Rs. 50 Daily wager Built Rs. 1224 Crore Business

A class 11 dropout who worked door-to-door for a daily wage of Rs. 50 by selling a water purifier has …
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why bells are used in hindu temples

Did it ever occur to you why bells are used in Hindu temples? | Significance of Ghanta

But before knowing the answer to this question, let us know more about Bells or what Indians call “Ghanta”. FeatureIndia.inC …
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How Did Tea Arrive in India – History of Tea Production in India

FeatureIndia.inC – History of Tea | Stories of India To know this, we have to go back around 170 years …
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world population day

Will India surpass China in Population by 2023? – World Population Day

FeatureIndia.inC – World Population Day It is known that the United Nations Development Programme formed World Population Day in 1989 …
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Hating to pedal his bicycle to building an e-cycle manually – Story of Raj Mehta, who started Raj Electromotives at 14

Introducing Raj Mehta – Raj Mehta- the youngest founder of an automobile company FeatureIndia.inC – Business Leaders | Stories of …
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The Man Who Hasn’t Paid Water Bill In 27 Years – Rain Water Harvesting – Scientist AR Shiva Kumar

FeatureIndia.inC – Stories of India | People of India If you don’t pay your water bill every month, then you …
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