Story of a Mother and son duo who appeared together for matric exam in Odisha

On Friday, April 29, 2022, the Matric board exams began in Odisha, and in an unusual turn of events, mother and son came together to write board exams. It all began when Jyosna Padhi (aged 36) saw her son preparing for Class 10 board exams online during the Covid-19 epidemic.

This encouraged her to complete her studies which were cut short due to family problems during her marriage.

Jyosna’s son, Aloknath, said that he is very proud of the fact that his mother is also writing the Class 10 board exams along with him. Because of the problems her family faced in 2002, Jyosna was forced to drop out of school.

She is appearing for the Class X examination at Government High School in Jeypore and her son, Aloknath, at Village High School.

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