The story of 76-year-old, Harjinder Singh, who drives an “Auto-ambulance” in Delhi to save people from road accidents
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On the roads of Delhi, a 76-year-old auto-rickshaw driver, Harjinder Singh, started an “Auto Ambulance“, providing many road accident victims with a free ride to the hospital.

Harjinder, who has been an auto-rickshaw driver since 1964, has always kept a first aid kit in his auto, He said that whenever he has come across a road accident, he would immediately stop and see if anybody needs urgent medical attention. Then, he takes the injured to the nearest hospital. He also added that he started this service in 1978 and will continue to do it as long as he has strength in his body.

Harjinder was frequently asked by his family to stop driving his auto and rest at home but says working every day is a liberating experience for him. He is of the opinion that if he works harder, he will feel healthier, or else he will feel worthless.

He also said that people note down his phone number displayed on his auto and call him to inquire about the free medicines for sugar. Harjinder even writes their address and contact numbers in his logbook and whenever he rides near their residence, he calls people and brings medicines to their door.

Harjinder was also recognized by the Delhi Traffic Police for his social work. He was made a traffic police warden and was given many certificates of commendation by Delhi Traffic Police.

Harjinder added that his message to the world is, “Nar Seva hi Narayan Seva hai

Service to man is service to god

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